Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tokyo Attractions

Tokyo tower
Tokyo tower (Photo credit: apple 94)
Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, lies at the center of the most populated area in the world, Greater Tokyo. This wealthy metropolis of Japan is a wondrous amalgam of hi-tech modernity and ancient Japanese heritage. Despite its population of 32 million people, Tokyo is one of the most courteous cities in the world. There are many Tokyo attractions that make a visit to the city worthwhile.

Among the popular Tokyo attractions is Tokyo Disney Park, the third most visited Disney Park in the world. The first Disney Park built outside the US, it is not owned by the Walt Disney Company. There are quite a few Disneyland hotels built around the park to attract visitors to the picturesque location.

Gorilla at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo
Gorilla at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Other great places to see in Tokyo are Ueno Zoo, Tokyo Sea Life Park, Hakone and Mount Fuji, and Sanrio Puro Land. The Ueno zoological garden is the oldest zoo in Japan, and a must on any Tokyo sightseeing itinerary. With over 2,650 animals from 465 different species, the zoo is quite a visual treat. Other Tokyo tourist places include the Tokyo Sea Life Park, a large aquarium located in the Kasai Rinkai Park, which is sure to captivate you. The Shingawa underwater aquarium is famous for its entertaining sea lions and dolphins.

Fiji and Hakone are places you must visit. You can get passes for the areas that are valid for three days. These passes allow you to avail of return transport and admission to various tourist attractions in this area at reduced prices. There are various kinds of transport like cable car, sightseeing cruise, bus, train and ropeway through which you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Mount Fuji and Fuji Five Lakes.

One of the major Tokyo tourist places is the Sanrio Puro Land indoor theme park. It includes attractions like the Discovery Theater, Sanrio character boat ride, Time Machine of Dreams and Kitty’s House — each one a sheer entertainer. You can definitely have a great time doing some Tokyo sightseeing.

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